What causes diabetes type 2?

Decrease of insulin within pancreases can create the situation of diabetes type 2. In some cases, pancreas even stops producing insulin and this is quite a dreadful condition and the doctor confirms that you have developed diabetes.

What is diabetes type 2?

If your body becomes insulin resistant, then you might face different symptoms of diabetes. In  this case, glucose directly mixes up with the normal bloodstream rather than getting within body cells and this kind of condition is very much risky and might causes a lot of damages to your body. This might affects adversely on the functioning of different parts or organs of your body.

What are the common symptoms of diabetes type 2?

causes of diabetes type 2

Different kinds of health complications might occur as a result of diabetes type 2 and some of the most probable symptoms that might occur due to this dreadful disease are as follows:-

  • Heart diseases might increase.
  • Increased hunger and thirst.
  • Dry mouth and frequent urination.
  • Frequent weight-loss.
  • Fatigue, tiredness, blurred vision, unwanted headaches and others.
  • Consciousness loss.
  • Recurrent infections.
  • Erectile or sexual dysfunction.
  • Tingling and numbness of feet and hands.
  • Weight gains.
  • Yeast infections.
  • Skin itching.
  • Slow-healing cuts or sores.
  • Decreased vision.

What are the major causes of diabetes type 2?


If you really want to know what causes diabetes type 2, then you need to have thorough consultation with any expert doctor dealing with the concerned disease. There are certain significance causes of this particular disease and some of them are as follows:-

  • One of the major causes for diabetes type 2 is obesity. It has been found that fatty human beings are mostly prone to this kind of disease. Low-grade and mild inflation which is being distributed to your body due to fat deposition is the main cause for diabetes. The level of blood sugar increases as a result of overweight conditions and on the other hand insulation-resistance condition occurs.

Diabetes Type 2

  • Bad or unhealthy eating habits are also greatly responsible for the same. Increased intake of High-sugar content based foods can be quite riskier and might causes diabetes. Therefore, diabetic patients are having restrictions in having high-calorie diets, refined beverages and foods and many more.

Diabetes Type 2

  • Physical inactivity is also quite important in this case and thus you must consider the same. You must be physically fit and must leave lethargic habits like watching televisions for hours, sleeping for hours and many more. Keep your body active by doing healthy exercises so that unwanted fat deposition especially at the abdomen area can be prevented.

Diabetes Type 2

  • You also need to change your sleeping habits as bad sleep habits are regarded as one of the greatest causes for the occurrence of this disease. Sleeping more than nine hours and less than five hours can be the major reasons that might invite the symptoms of diabetes type 2.

Diabetes Type 2

  • You can also develop the symptoms of this disease by genetics. In this case, only proper exercise and diet can help you to prevent the same. Since genes are automatically transferred from one generation to another therefore you do not have hands in the same and thus you need to take more care and must lead a restricted life.


  • Age is also a great concern these days. It has been found in the medical researches that most of the fellows who are developing this disease after the age of 40. This is because after this age, the immunity power decreases as a result of which the pancreas function is automatically affected.

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