Type 2 Diabetes A Hereditary Disease

Type 2 Diabetes – A Hereditary Disease and What You can Do about it?

Millions of people around the world are affected by Diabetes, and almost most of them have the Type 2 diabetes, since it is the most common form of diabetes known to have affected 90% to 95% of diabetic people.

Diabetes Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes, unlike Type 1; type 2 diabetes affected people can produce insulin in their body. However, either their pancreas cannot make enough insulin or such patients’ bodies do not use the little insulin produced. The body develops what can be called as “insulin resistance”. When there is lack of insulin or when it is not used as it should be, sugar i.e. glucose cannot be absorbed into body cells, so when the glucose remains in the blood, the body cells sans glucose (sugar) do not function properly.

What are the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?

There is a reason diabetes is called ‘Silent Killer’, many patients suffering from severe diabetic conditions often do not know that they have diabetes because there are no distinct symptoms and often they vary from person to person. Some of the symptoms can be mild and therefore need to be recognized early to get treatment as soon as possible. To start with, you can identify some of the symptoms by this diabetic detection test.

  • Frequent Urination

  • Increased hunger and thirst

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Blurred vision

  • Unexpected weight loss

  • Foot numbness and pain

  • Tired feeling ( weakness/Fatigue)

  • Recurring infections 

Diabetes Type 2, a hereditary disease

Type 2 diabetes is more likely to be passed through genetic lineage than type 1 diabetes. Of course other than family history, the disease is also related to environmental factors and living conditions. Research shows us that people with diabetic type 2 and obesity family history, often have same eating and exercising habits which lead them to contract disease, one due to genetics, and two due to their lifestyle and environment. Therefore, it is necessary to find out if the disease is due to lifestyle habits or because of your genetic makeup. The risk of a child getting diabetes type 2 diseases is more if he or she has a diabetic mother.

What you can do?

Diabetes type 2 is not the kind of disease which can be cured by just taking medicines, the determination of the patient to get better plays an important role when it comes to Type 2 diabetes. The patient must take control of his lifestyle in order to pull through. The treatment plan for Type 2 diabetic starts with healthy eating habits, exercising daily, possibly intake of insulin injections and keep monitoring the glucose in blood.


Healthy eating – there is no specific diet that is specifically for type 2 diabetes patients, just eating lots of high fiber and low fat food stuffs will do wonders. These include vegetables, fruits and whole grains etc.Low glycemic index foods are especially helpful, since the glycemic index shows how some foodstuffs affect your blood sugar.


Exercising – Aerobic exercises are good physical activity, however consult your doctor before starting any strict regime.


Monitoring blood sugar and insulin intake–check your blood sugar levels based on your treatment plans and regularly if you are taking insulin. Some people achieve balanced glucose levels by just healthy eating and exercise, however some need extra help by the form of insulin injections.