What are the potential problems of poorly controlled sugar levels in diabetes type 2?

Increased levels of blood-sugar leads to diabetes type 2 and there are innumerable causes for the occurrence of the same. Some of the most important causes include unhealthy eating and sleep habits, Inactive health, age, genetics, overweight or obesity and many more.

There is no fixed age of developing this disease and thus it can occur to nay fellow including kids, adults, and young fellows. You can have either long-term or short-term damaging health effects as a result of the same and thus it is very much necessary to treat the disease at its initial stage so that unwanted complications can be easily avoided.


What are the major health complications caused by diabetes type 2?

If you are interested in knowing about the potential problems or diseases of poorly-controlled blood-sugar levels causing diabetes type 2, then you must refer to the online based medical reviews or else can get the information from any medical consultant. Some major health complications arising from the same are as follows:-



  • Blood-vessel and heart diseases are considered as one of the main health troubles that might arise as a result of diabetes type 2. Some commonest heart diseases that can be quite dreadful in this case are heart attacks, atherosclerosis, angina, increase of blood-pressure and many more. All these human diseases are quite dreadful and thus you can even face devastating results.



  • Neuropathy or nerve damages often occurs die to increase of blood sugar. Blood-vessel walls or capillaries are being highly injured by increased sugar as a result of which nerves of your legs are being directly affected. In this case, your legs might face some common symptoms like pain, burning, numbness or tingling sensations, and many more. There are many other associated diseases that might occur due to nerve damages and they are erectile dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting nausea and others.


nervous system

  • Nephropathy or kidney damage is quite common in this respect. The filtering system of your kidney can be permanently damaged due to increase of sugar in your blood. Different kidney diseases including unwanted kidney failure might occur which highly demands for complete kidney transplantation. In this case, the kidney’s blood vessels are being damaged and interrupted and thus the waste clearing can be hampered to a great extent.



  • Diabetic retinopathy or eye damage can even leads to complete eye-blindness. Other critical vision conditions that might occur due to diabetic situation are glaucoma and cataracts.



  • Various kinds of foot complications might occur and that might even damage your foot on a permanent basis. Some of the serious conditions include severe infections, blisters, cuts, poor healing, foot, toe or leg amputation and many more.



  • Hearing troubles are also quite prominent in this case and in some cases that might leads to complete deafness.


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  • Different kinds of unwanted skin conditions might arise due to the concerned disease like skin infections, irritations, inflammations, redness, patches, fungal and bacterial infections and others.



  • Poor control of blood sugar causes Alzheimer’s disease in human beings. Diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer’s disease are having direct connection with each other and thus you must be quite careful.



  • You might face a lot of sexual troubles in your life due to the occurrence of diabetes type 2 and some usual types are painful sex, orgasm inability, unpleasant sex, virginal dryness and others. Vagina lubrication might decreases which might cause painful sex for women and that might hamper sexual life of the couples.



  • Stillbirth and miscarriages are quite common to diabetic women and this is the reason that doctor often suggests to have a diabetic test before conceiving.


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