Phytosynbiotics: Overcome the modern day stress with natural food supplement

21st century is the century of stress, tension and worry where human beings are subjected to various challenges and hardships which need to be overcome. Present day living conditions and modern day diets pose tremendous stress in the human body. People are always physically and mentally overworked and the pollutants are making the body appear stressed. In this respect, phytosynbiotics, a new class of natural health supplement promotes metabolic health and copes with the everyday stress of the modern life. The unique combination of plant extract has a tremendous healing property as it is co-fermented with prebiotics and the probiotic lactic acid. The process of fermentation prevents overdosage as only small quantities of the plant is used when you intake the drug. With the fermentation process the toxic effect is reduced and the healing properties of the phytosynbiotics are also enhanced. The nutrients and compounds of the plants become more readily available and are even absorbed easily in the body.

How does phytosynbiotics work?

Phytosynbiotics are taken orally as the natural formulations of synergistic prebiotic and the co-fermented probiotic with plants that in turn amplifies the special properties. In scientific journals, the various benefits of probiotics have been explained thoroughly and are well documented. Probiotics are actually friendly micro-organisms that help in maintaining the gut health and also the gut is able to intake nutrients from the plant in a better way. Phytosynbiotics capitalise on the process of fermentation that has been used since age old times as the way of food preparation and the food preservation technique. Consuming fermented food has already a lot of health benefits and great medical advantages. So, under the controlled environment, the fermentation is carried out when the beneficial microorganisms easily transform the raw materials of the plants, break down the sugar, carbohydrate, and also protein into a product of phytosynbiotic that brims with too many health advantages.

What are the phtosynbiotics products that are available?

Currently there are 5 phytosynbiotic products that are available in the market. Proviva-G is the product which is made with co-fermenting the lactic acid bacteria with the help of bitter gourd and the horseradish tree. The product is very effective when it is administered subcutaneously to reduce the level of sugar with insulin, which in turn lowers to the glucose level and renders the state of non-diabetic normalcy. Then there is Proviva-L that comprises healthy plants which are renowned for maintaining the healthy level of cholesterol in the body. Proviva-U comprises plants that maintain the level of uric acid in the body. Living Genesis comprises essential plants having antioxidant properties and then there is Living Logic, the phytosynbiotic that comprises a plant extract helping to boost the brain functions.

Plants have a series of bio-compounds that are beneficial for the body. Such compounds include phytochemicals, antioxidant and polysaccharides. Antioxidant helps in delaying the aging effect and regular dosage of phytosynbiotics can give you an immunity of 30 years old even if you are 50 years old. Phytochemicals combats deadly diseases. The mind becomes alert and tiredness gets eliminated. Polysaccharide can help in preventing cancer.