Is There A Cure for Diabetes Type 2?

Have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? You can’t let it run your life. In order to find a cure of Diabetes Type 2, we need to understand what it is. Type 2 diabetes is considered to be a problem in the immune system of the body. The immune system starts attacking the cells of the body. As is in the case of diabetes type 1 when the body is not producing enough insulin, in type 2 the organs like liver and pancreas do not work properly thus making the immune system weak. The microbes and parasites present in these organs start a chain reaction where the organs do not work properly.


It is believed that there is no cure of diabetes type 2. Such condition can’t be cured completely there is only treatment that aims to keep the blood glucose levels normal. So if you have been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, you need to follow a twofold line of treatment-


  • Making life style change


  • Through medicines


If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, do not stop taking insulin. Keep a regular check on your blood sugar level and do not start any course of treatment without consulting your doctor.







  • Changing your lifestyle

You can improve your sugar level if you maintain a healthy life style



  • Eat a healthy balanced diet

Ask for a healthy diet from your dietician. There is no special diet for those who have type 2 diabetes. The idea is to aim for foods that are low in fat, high in fiber along with plenty of starchy food, vegetables and fruits.




Lose weight now



  • Lose weight

Aiming for a perfect weight is a bit over reaching for lots of us. But if you want to maintain your sugar levels, you need to aim to lose weight so that the fat is not accumulated. Exercise daily so that the blood sugar level is reduced.







  • Be Active

Take out time for some physical activity daily. Do a 30 minutes of brisk walk every day. You can also try cycling, swimming, jogging , aerobics, dancing etc. be active and choose that exercise that will make you sweat a little and you should feel mildly out of breath. At the same time, do not over do it.


Type 2 diabetes usually gets worse over the time. Changing your lifestyle is not the cure of diabetes part 2. They may help you control your blood glucose levels but they are not enough. Eventually, you would have to take medicine to help control.  Some of the medicines are

  • Metformin

  • Sulphonylureas

  • Acarbose


Consult your doctor and discuss the entire course of action. Never start any medicine or try any diet plan without consulting with your doctor. Get yourself thoroughly examined and give the doctor correct and true information regarding your health concerns. Never leave the doctor in dark and always consult a doctor. There is only treatment for Diabetes type 2.